Customer Spotlight: Harlee Bean

We’re giving a bark-out to our first beta taster, Harlee Bean!  Harlee is a proud resident of Cole Valley, San Francisco, and spends her days roaming the hills of Buena Vista Park dismantling pine cones.  Harlee pays the rent by being a part-time phone model.

Harlee HTC

Harlee used to be fed a steady diet of kibble but, after a few days of transition, is now a fresh-food evangelist. A weakened immune system left her parents (two of the four founders of NomNomNow), searching for a solution. And with our fresh pork recipe, she found it. Harlee’s mom told us:

“I can’t believe how much more energy Harlee had over her first month. It’s practically 20-hours a day of K-9 crossfit since she changed diets.”

Harlee’s parents, Zach and Alex, founded NomNomNow after looking for a solution for Harlee, and are proud to have found a way for all dogs like Harlee to live happier and healthier lives. (You can read their full story here).

When Harlee isn’t home digging in to her NomNomNow, tearing through the office with a squeaky toy in her mouth, or occupied with modeling gigs, she’s reflecting on how proud she is to have tricked her parents into starting a dog food company.

NomNomNow Blog l Customer Spotlight: Harlee Bean

Key stats:

  • Breed: Mini Australian Shepherd
  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Favorite Recipe: Pork!!!!
  • Favorite toy: pine cones
  • Advice to NomNomNow: Keep the pork coming…

Find more adorable shots of Harlee on our Instagram @nom_nom_now.


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