Transitioning to NomNomNow

If you are wondering… “How does this whole transition from my dog’s current food from NomNomNow work?” you have come to the right place.

Transition time from commercial dog kibble to gently cooked, fresh made NomNomNow can vary depending on age and sensitivity of your dog but generally takes about one week. You can expect your pooch to have some loose stool. This is to be expected when going through something similar to a detox. For many dogs, this is their first time eating preservative-free whole food so there is no need to rush. We here at NomNomNow (our Vet included!) recommend the following schedule for morning and evening meals:

Days 1-6: Mix 50% NomNomNow packets with 50% of what your dog’s previous food

Day 7: Your dog’s tummy is adjusted- you can now feed 100% portions!

Each pup is a little bit different, so yours may make the transition a bit faster or slower. If your dog is already eating a gently cooked, fresh diet, the transition should go much faster as their digestive systems are accustomed to processing this type of food.

The best thing you can do as a parent is to keep a close eye and alert both us and your Vet should there be any significant changes in weight or activity level.

After your pooch becomes accustomed to NomNomNow, you should start to see the benefits of a whole foods diet in as little as a few weeks. You can consider the sparkle in their eye, the softness of their coat, and the abundant energy a thank you!

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