Customer Spotlight: Eddy

This week we are giving a bark-out to our very own beta taster Eddy! Mr. Edison (Eddy for short) is a rambunctious, rescued terrier mix living in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, where he spends a lot of time running in circles throughout Lafayette Park, barking at skateboarders, and of course, smelling all the plants.

IMG_2083     IMG_2081

Eddy had been a high-end kibble connoisseur all of his 9 human years (that’s 63 dog years!), until the magical day he received his first NomNomNow delivery. Eddy’s parents had this to say:

“We never thought Eddy could possibly be more energetic than he already is, but after switching to NomNomNow he is running faster, playing fetch more often, and even smiling for the camera! His favorite new activity is helping to wash his food dish after each meal of NomNom: licked 100% clean every time.”


Key stats:

Breed: Terrier Mix (Jack Russell, Whippet and Chihuahua!)

Weight: 24 pounds

Favorite Recipe: Heartland Beef Mash

Favorite toy: An empty water bottle *crunch*

Advice to NomNomNow: Let me come over on cook days to help with clean up!

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