Recipe rotation

NomNomNow is committed to providing the freshest food possible direct to the doggie bowl. Our three recipes (and even more coming soon) are the perfect combination of nutritious and delicious. But which recipe is best for your furry friend? All of our recipes are vet-formulated to provide a complete and balanced diet, not to mention a lick-the-bowl-clean taste. This gives Fido the ability to rotate recipes. Don’t worry: a switch from fresh to fresh does not require another transition week. You can simply start feeding the Tasty Turkey Fare in place of the Heartland Beef Mash or Chicken Chow-Wow.


Here are a couple of benefits to recipe rotation:


Keep meal time interesting!

– If we were asked to eat the exact same thing for every meal, we would say no thank you. So why are we asking our best furry friends to do that? Avoid food boredom by giving your dog a new delectable dish every 1-2 months.


Broaden exposure.

– Different meats, vegetables, and grains have different nutrient profiles. By rotating your NomNomNow recipes, you are ensuring that your dog is exposed to a variety of macro and micronutrients which can lead to even more complete and balanced diet for your dog.


Here are a couple of things to be aware of when rotating:


Watch for changes in poo.

As with any food that your dog eats, there can be the risk of food allergy. If you see an extreme change in your dog’s poo, we will want to switch you back to your original recipe as your dog may have a food allergy. If the stool is a little smaller and harder or a little bigger and softer, that is fine but any persistent diarrhea is likely indicative of allergy.


Serving sizes will vary.

Again, different dishes have different nutrient profiles which also means different calorie counts. Your dog’s serving size will likely vary with the different recipes so be sure to reference your container before feeding.


Your pooch will not know what to do. First, you give them “people food” and then you give them options?! Does it get any better?!
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