Love don’t cost a thing!

When deciding which food is right for our dogs, or perhaps which new squeaky toys they have to have, we always seem to lose momentum on the price. Having a dog can add up, and quick. But once we can all accept that having a dog, like any other responsibility, comes with its costs, we have to next assess which ones are actually worth the investment. And which ones should be better classified as guilty pleasures (we’re looking at you, custom-made Halloween costumes).

We’re biased at NomNomNow. We believe that an investment in health is the best investment of all, but we’re not going to tell you what to prioritize. Instead, we’ve just gathered some of the basic costs of owning a dog, for your own reference. When considering that new groomer, which doggy day care to choose, or a new diet, it’s important to look at how you spend on your dog– and which areas really deserve the most attention from your wallet.

Fresh dog food: Love doesn't cost a thing l Nom Nom Now blog

Common costs of having a dog

Primping at the groomer: $30-50 per visit

Snacks & treats: $5-10 per week

Doggie day care: $30-50 per day

A dog walker: $20-40 per day

All the best toys: $5-15 per toy

Routine check-ups: $50-100 per visit

Teeth cleaning: $200-425 per visit

NomNomNow fresh meal delivery: $2-8 per day

how much does dog food cost l NomNomNow blog

What do you value most?

When choosing how to spend on your pup, never forget your long-term goals. Invest in your dog’s health, whether it be through food, exercise, emotional support, or even just more time with you, so you can save in the long-run.

Who knows, investing in a healthy diet may even save you money in the short run. It certainly has for #nommer Bella.

 To get your custom NomNomNow price quote, create a doggy profile here. It takes about 30 seconds to get your price!

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