Dr. Justin Shmalberg

photo_justin_vegetables (1)

If you’re familiar with NomNomNow, you’re likely familiar with Dr. Justin Shmalberg. We talk about him quite a bit over here.

Dr. Justin Shmalberg has extensive experience formulating healthy, home-cooked diets for dogs across the country, and here at NomNomNow we’re proud to have him creating our recipes, and guiding us on dog nutrition for all of our customers. His more than 15 years of experience creating fresh, home-cooked meals for pets make him an invaluable source of knowledge on our team, and make it possible for us to provide your dogs with the best nutrition they deserve.

A practicing vet and clinical assistant professor of integrative veterinary medicine at the University of Florida, Dr. Shmalberg is an active member of the veterinary community. He has published numerous scientific papers in veterinary medicine, and is a board-certified specialist in small animal clinical nutrition. He is also a frequent lecturer on veterinary nutrition, speaking to the veterinary community and pet owners.

To learn more about why Dr. Justin Shmalberg recommends a fresh diet, you can read more on our ‘Expert’ page, or explore our informative Q&A videos with him.

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