what to expect

Congrats and welcome to the NomNomNow family! We are so excited to start this journey with you and your pooch. As you begin the transition, there are just a few things we want to prepare you for:

1. It’ll take a little time.

Depending on what your dog is currently eating and how sensitive he or she is to diet changes, a feeding transition can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Please use our transition guide to begin moving your dog from their current diet to NomNomNow as seamlessly as possible.

2. You will notice changes to your dog’s stool.

Anytime you are making a significant change in diet, your dog is likely to experience stool changes.  If you are already feeding your dog fresh food, the changes may simply be in color and content – it’s totally normal, for instance, to see some undigested grains or vegetables.  

If you’re currently feeding your dog kibble or canned food, be prepared for a few days of potentially runny stools. Imagine if you switched from a steady diet of potato chips and hot dogs to preparing fresh meals from Whole Foods!

Following our suggested transition plan should reduce the amount of tummy troubles your pup experiences. However, every dog is different and you should make the final call on when to increase the amount of NomNomNow you are mixing with the current food. Keep an eye on the consistency of their stool and increase when the stool has form.

3. Less Poop!

Our diets are all natural and do not contain the filler found in most commercial foods. If your dog is currently eating kibble or canned, you’ll likely notice that the amount of their poo will decrease. This is a positive sign that your dog is able to process much more of what they are eating!

4. More energy!

The most commonly reported side effect of a NomNomNow diet is a boost in energy. Fresh, whole foods offer nutrients in a form more easily used by doggie bodies to create energy. We apologize in advance for the running randomly around the house.

5. Remind them to chew.

Our tasters can attest that fresh food is often better inhaled than chewed! Your pup is going to LOVE the taste. If you find that they are eating very quickly and still wanting more, try adding a bit of water to the food to slow them down.  Alternatively, try feeding them in stages (e.g., in three smaller scoops instead of a single larger one) to force them to take a breath.

6. Drought-conscious dogs.

Because your dog is no longer eating dry, processed food, you will likely notice a decrease in water consumption. NomNomNow has a much higher water content than kibble so some of the hydration they need will be coming from their food.

7. Pay no attention to those big puppy eyes.

As we mentioned earlier, your pup is going to LOVE the taste of NomNomNow. Just because they finish their food quickly and beg for more does not mean they are still hungry and actually need more. Keep an eye on your dog’s weight. If you start to notice he or she is losing weight, increase the serving of NomNomNow; by contrast, if they start putting on weight try slightly decreasing their serving sizes.  Of course, feel free to contact us anytime to adjust the amount of food you’re receiving.

8. Enjoy!

As your fur baby becomes a NomNomNow aficionado, you can both enjoy the many benefits of a fresh diet.

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