how to manage your account


Going on vacation? Or interested in trying out a different recipe? Here are a few tips on how to manage your NomNomNow account!

Adding payment information

Welcome to the NomNomNow family! We are so happy to have your pup as a #nommer. Need to add payment information? Here’s how to add it:

Changing payment information

Need to change your payment information? It’s as simple as this:


Changing your dog’s recipe

Our recipes are absolutely delicious and pup-approved! Many of our dog parents change recipes as often as every other week for their dog. If you think your pup would like a little variety, here’s how:

Please note that all changes must be entered by Thursday at 11:59PM PST in order to take effect the following delivery.

Changing your delivery address

Heading out of town and leaving your pup with a friend or at a doggie day care? No problem! We would be happy to deliver to another address within our delivery area. Just log in to your NomNom account and update your delivery information. It’s as easy as this:

Requesting extra food for vacation

Going out of town and taking your dog with you? Just let us know 2 weeks in advance and we can deliver extra food to freeze and take with you! It is not recommended to switch a dog abruptly between different types of food as this can have a negative effect on their tummies. The last thing you want when traveling is an upset doggie stomach! Simply email us at [email protected] two weeks before you leave and we will include extra meals in their next delivery.

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