Our recipes

We believe in fresh, healthy food. Because quality ingredients matter to your dog’s health. That’s why NomNomNow uses only the freshest, locally sourced, restaurant-quality ingredients for our dog food.

Vet-Formulated Recipes.

Designed by veterinary nutrition expert Dr. Justin Shmalberg, our recipes and nutritional supplements ensure that your dog receives a healthy and balanced diet.

Fresh, Quality Ingredients.

We buy fresh, whole ingredients to maximize the nutritional content of our food. And we never use artificial preservatives or fillers. When your NomNomNow reaches you, you can be sure that nothing has been added, and it has never been frozen.

Gently Cooked.

We treat these ingredients with respect, gently cooking them in our local kitchen at safe temperatures that help preserve nutrients. Just enough to remove any risk of uncooked foods, but not so much as to sacrifice any nutritional value. By cooking and delivering, weekly, to order, we make sure your dog’s food is always as fresh as possible.

Read about our current recipes and the specific benefits of every ingredient inside by clicking on each below.


NomNomNow Fresh Dog Food Delivery: Chicken Chow Wow
Chicken Chow-Wow
NomNomNow Fresh Dog Food Delivery: Tasty Turkey Fare
Tasty Turkey Fare
NomNomNow Fresh Dog Food Deliveries: Porkalicious Potluck
Porkalicious Potluck
NomNomNow Fresh Dog Food Deliveries: Heartland Beef Mash
Heartland Beef Mash