Customer spotlight: Cooper!

This week we are giving a bark-out to San Francisco’s own LittleCooperBear! You may have seen him on social media– he’s kind of a big deal.

Cooper as a Nommer (1)

Here’s the scoop: Cooper the corgi spends a lot of his time going on hikes, frapping at Crissy Field, and taking evening strolls around his neighborhood. He enjoys eating in his spare time and playing “go find it”- where his humans hide treats for Cooper to find.

At only 18 months, Cooper is living the life and eating NomNomNow. Here’s what his parents had to say about it:

“Ever since switching to NomNomNow, I’ve noticed that Cooper became a lot more patient at mealtime where he will literally will do anything you ask him to do. It’s a great time for me to train him on new tricks or refresh old ones. He loves his NomNomNow so much that he will lick the bowl clean 2-3 times just to make sure he consumed every morsel of it. He has never looked better and I know he feels a lot better after finishing his meals.” 


Key Stats:
– Weight: 26.7 lbs
– Favorite Recipe: Heartland Beef Hash
– Current Favorite Toy: Kong Wobbler
– Advice to NomNomNow: Keep up the delicious high quality noms and if you got any leftovers, you know where to find me.

Stay tuned on LittleCooperBear and his love for #NomNomNow via his Instagram: @LittleCooperBear

Is your dog a dedicated #nommer? Keep sharing their photos on social media– they could be featured on the blog!

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