For the love of dogs

A lot of people ask why we care so much about cooking for your dogs. The short answer: because they deserve only the best. The long answer?

That story starts with a few friends in their kitchen back in 2014, and a pair of newly-adopted mini Australian Shepherds, Harlee and Mim. Like all of you, we knew we wanted to feed our pups as well as any other family member: fresh and delicious meals, with the best nutritional value possible. Nothing more, nothing less. When we struggled to find anything that stacked up, we did what any loving parent would do. We decided to make it ourselves. We chopped vegetables, boiled fresh chicken, and tried to measure out just the right portions so we could feed our dogs real, whole meals that would be fit for any member of the family.

NomNomNow Founders: Wenzhe, Nate, Alex, and Zach

It was a great start, but it turns out cooking nutritious meals for dogs yourself can be hard if you’re not a veterinarian. Really hard. So we found Dr. Shmalberg, a board certified veterinary nutritionist, who helped us balance and fortify each recipe to make sure these meals met our dogs’ dietary needs, with just the right supplements. Harlee and Mim, happy to sample every dish passed their way, began to thrive on these new homecooked meals. Harlee, who had been battling an immune disorder, started to perk up. Her fur grew back where the disorder had previously left only patches, and her energy levels skyrocketed. Mim, who was otherwise healthy, had a shinier coat, pep in her step, balanced nutrition, and we could rest assured knowing we were being the best parents we could be.

As friends and family began to ask about our dogs and share this fresh food with their own dogs, we realized that every dog should be able to eat this way. Like any other member of the family. So we started thinking of how we could make that possible.

Fast-forward a couple years, about a hundred recipe tweaks, many Saturdays spent dragging a cooler through local dog parks to pass out samples, hand-cramps from writing hundreds of names on delivery bags, and many happy dogs later, and here we are: preparing, delivering, and serving home-cooked meals to your dogs. Every week. Across eight western states.

And we’re just getting started…

NomNomNow Fresh Dog Food Delivery Harlee

For us, mealtime should be about joy, and trust. You put your dog’s nutrition in our hands, and we want to make sure they receive nothing but the best. So while our dogs were the fuel to start this (some might say) crazy endeavor, it’s your dogs who keep us going. It’s hearing about young puppies that are growing strong (like Uzi and Pierre), or older dogs who get a new burst of life at 13 (just ask Pedro and Teddy). It’s meeting customers whose dogs were prone to health issues before, and are now thriving (we’re looking at you, Bella and Harlee). It’s every time we hear a vet say, whatever you’re feeding is working. We don’t mean to brag…it’s just that, for dog lovers like us, we actually do want to feed all of the dogs all of the best things, and hearing that we’re succeeding keeps us going.

It’s why we keep working, each week, to cook and deliver healthy meals in a way that makes it easy for any owner to provide the right nutrition for our furry family members. Too often our health (and that of our dog’s) becomes a choice between quality and convenience, and us dog lovers over here at NomNomNow are trying to change that. We even learned how to calculate the perfect portions based on a dog’s age, activity level, and health goals (and our co-founder Wenzhe would be happy to tell you how). Our thoughtful kitchen staff precisely measures out each fresh meal, packing it individually so that owners can simply open it and serve. Never frozen, with no measuring required. By us doing the work up front, you don’t have to.

NomNomNow Healthy, Freshly Cooked Meals for Dogs, Delivered : Porkalicious Potluck Recipe

Convenience for you, and the quality of delicious, nutritious, home-cooked meals for them. We think your dogs will like it. (And if not? Harlee and Mim volunteer to take care of any leftovers).

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