Bring a dog home this week and we’ll help you feed them (and donate!)

This week is National Shelter Appreciation Week (Nov. 6-12, 2016), and to celebrate our deep appreciation for the work that shelters do, we want to help support them and the wonderful people who keep them going.

We’re partnering with two SF/Bay Area rescue centers, Muttville and Hopalong, and will help showcase the loving dogs they have up for adoption. If you see someone you want to add to your family, we’ll give you half-off your first two weeks of freshly-cooked dog food from NomNomNow. We’ll also make an adoption to the shelter in your name, so they can keep being wonderful and saving lives.

If you don’t live in the Bay Area, just hashtag a photo at a shelter near you. Show us you adopted this week, and we’ll honor the same promise.

NomNomNow + Hopalong + Muttville: National Shelter Appreciation Week

What else will you get? For one, you’ll be saving a life and bringing home a new best friend. Which is a pretty great way to spend this week.

We know that not everyone can adopt right here, right now, but we’ll also share suggestions of other kinds of support each shelter can use, and the best way for you to show your appreciation.

Here is a bit more about the shelters we’re working with. We will also be posting available dogs from Hopalong and Muttville on our Instagram (@nom_nom_now) every day this week. Let’s make #NSAW2016 count!


Oakland, CA

[email protected]

Why we love them: Hopalong works hard to eliminate euthanasia for cats and dogs through rescue and spay/neuter programs. Plus, their foster program gives loving homes to many pets before they find their forever family.

Awesome stat: This year, Hopalong has saved 800 cats’ and dogs’ lives!

What they offer: Beyond rescuing pets, Hopalong offers affordable spay and neuter for the local community, and informative resources to help any pet owner. They also do great behavioral training, focused on giving many pets a second chance.

Browse available dogs: Just click here.

Other ways to help: Hopalong is always in need of volunteers, foster families for cats and dogs, and donations. Even sharing their website on your social media and spreading awareness can help their cause (and it’s a pretty easy place to start).

Check out Hopalong on Facebook, and on Twitter.

National Shelter Appreciation Week: NomNomNow


San Francisco, CA

[email protected]

Why we love them: Muttville focuses on getting senior mutts adopted (they’re the ones who typically have a hard time finding a home).

Awesome fact: Muttville founder Sherri Franklin is one of 25 people nominated as a CNN Hero of the Year for her work with Muttville.

What they offer: Muttville has an incredible foster program, and their Seniors for Seniors initiative helps pair senior humans with senior dogs. Through them, many more senior mutts get adopted than we ever could have imagined.

Browse available dogs: Just click here.

Other ways to help: Beyond adoption, Muttville can always benefit from additional foster parents, donations (and not just money- they take old cars, stock, and household items, amongst other things), volunteers, and awareness. Spread the word and help them change senior mutts’ lives!

Check out Muttville on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Let’s keep the motivation going! Please share photos of your adopted #nommers (whether you’re bring them home this week, or you’ve had them for a while) to help spread the word. Hashtag #NationalShelterAppreciationWeek so everyone can get on board and we can support more shelters and rescued dogs this week!


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