#GivingTuesday 2016

#GivingTuesday is the perfect cap to the indulgence from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, and we’re excited to join the movement. It’s the online shopping of the week that we can really feel good about.

You may have heard us talk about Hopalong Animal Rescue, a local Oakland-based animal shelter with a medical care program that pulls animals from euthanasia lists and rehabilitates them to be adopted. What they do is pretty amazing, but it costs a pretty penny to do something like that.

For every sign-up on #GivingTuesday, we will donate to Hopalong.

Giving Tuesday 2016 Hopalong Animal Rescue NomNomNow

For every dog that places a NomNomNow order today, Nov. 29, we will donate $20 to Hopalong in your name.

So that means if 1,000 of you sign up today, we will donate $20,000. If you and 49,000 others friends do it? We’re sending ONE MILLION dollars their way. $1,000,000. Look at all those zeros. Can we make that happen? We’re ready when you are.

Sign up right here today only, and we will donate in your name.

You will receive a confirmation of our donation once you place your order. Flaunt it on social media. Send it to friends. Show off the good deed that you did, and help inspire the rest of us to take action. It only happens once a year. Let’s make Giving Tuesday 2016 count!


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