Customer spotlight: Bella

Maybe you’ve seen her. If not, you’ve likely heard of her. Meet our customer spotlight this week, Bella the English Bulldog!

English bulldog Bella l NomNomNow blog Customer Spotlight

For those of you familiar with bulldogs, health issues can be frequent. Bella’s parents Bennet and Shringar struggled before finding NomNomNow in a search for the right diet to keep this girl healthy and happy.

“After extensive research, we came by NomNom and Bella instantly fell in love with it. “

“When it comes to human food, we know that nothing beats freshly cooked healthy food, and we also want variety in our daily meals. So why should it be any different for our loved pets?”

Bella is one of the many fans of our Recipe Rotation feature, meaning she can enjoy a different flavor each week. Her parents say it gives her the variety she needs so that every meal is an enjoyable experience.

English Bulldog Bella l NomNomNow blog customer spotlight 

“In terms of health benefits, the impact has been significant and her veterinarians say she is one of the healthiest bulldogs they have seen. She has lost extra weight, gained stamina, got a healthy coat and showed overall health improvements and in turn reduced our vet bills. “

“Even people on the street stop to comment about how healthy she looks and ask us for tips, especially with regards to food. For a dog, meals are one of the biggest pleasures they have and we wanted to make every meal count in Bella’s life. If you want your dog to eat healthy, enjoy their meals, and live live to it’s fullest, we recommend you switch to NomNom.”

English Bulldog Bella l NomNomNow blog customer spotlight

Key Stats:
– Weight: 45 lbs
– Favorite Recipe: Porkalicious Potluck
– Fun Fact: Bella was born in India, but is now a San Francisco local legend!
– Find her at: @bella_and_boo_ on Instagram



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