Customer Spotlight: Elsa

This week, we’re spotlighting little miss Elsa! This happy #nommer has finally found the joy in mealtime, and has quickly become the foodie of her four-legged friend group.

Nom Nom Now Customer Spotlight: Elsa

Just this month, Elsa celebrated her first birthday– and with age, comes knowledge. The knowledge that she’s all about fresh dog food, and not interested in anything else!

“Elsa is much more lively [since switching to NomNomNow]. Instead of peaking and then crashing, she maintains a healthy level of happy pup throughout the day! Elsa used to be quite thin, and was quite slender for a growing girl.  

She was on dry food for a long time, and barely ate. I worried that she may just not like food, but after NomNom she has filled out and loves her meal time!”

Elsa’s mom, Alix, says that the transition period is one of the most important. To new nommers, she recommends following the instructions carefully and introducing the food slowly (as recommended) to keep your pup healthy and happy. Because once you go fresh, you don’t go back.

“To be honest…Elsa is now food motivated.”

Key Stats:
– Breed: Pomeranian/Terrier Mix (we think!)
– Favorite Recipe: Heartland Beef Mash
– Activity Level: High
– Advice From Mom: If you want to care for something, don’t have kids…Get a puppy!

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