Our New Year’s Resolutions

After an eventful 2016, the New Year is upon us. And that means two things: weeks spent crossing out “16” and rewriting “17”, and coming up with New Year’s Resolutions that we’re going to try our very best to keep.

Happy New Year! New Year's Resolutions l NomNomNow blog

NomNomNow’s New Year’s Resolutions

1. Eat healthy.

We’re all about eating fresh, real food over here at NomNomNow (in case you hadn’t heard). Our goal this year, for the humans and dogs in our office, is to keep eating healthy.

2. Be active.

Part of a healthy diet is getting exercise. This year, we vow to continue getting outdoors together, and making sure all of us get enough exercise- together!

3. Give back to dogs in need.

We started our NomNomNow Adoption Program last year, through which we work to help dogs in need find forever homes while also supporting the organizations that care for them in the meantime. It’s important to us to grow these efforts exponentially in the coming year, and increase the number of wonderful partners we work with– so that we can bring health and happiness to even more dogs.

Join us in supporting animal shelters and rescues by volunteering, donating, and helping support their efforts in every other way we can. This can be as simple as sharing photos of dogs for adoption on your Facebook (we do it on our Instagram), spending a Saturday helping at a local organization, or becoming a foster parent for a rescue near you. Who knows, maybe 2017 will be the year you add another four-legged friend to your pack!

Keep up to date on who we are partnering with this year, and please reach out if you would like to learn more about becoming involved!

4. Help our friends stick to their resolutions!

What else are friends for? Share your resolutions on social media, and tag the friends you want to join you in your efforts! (We’d love if you tag us, too– we want to encourage all of our #nommers on their resolutions!).

Invite friends on walks, volunteer together, adopt together, and encourage one another to be our very best selves in 2017! For friends who aren’t eating fresh in the New Year, remember that you can always give them a NomNomNow discount through the link in your account. (It won’t cost you anything, but it will give them 50% off their first order!)

Happy New Year! New Year's Resolutions l NomNomNow blog

To watch us work towards our 2017 Resolutions, follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook. Daily updates will be shared on our feeds, and we look forward to seeing yours as well!