Adoption Story: Mikey

This week, we’re sharing the adoption story of #nommer Mikey. Having adopted him just under than a year ago, his mom Kristi opened up with us about the experience of going to adopt a cat, and coming home with a lovable, senior Maltese. And, as she says, she would do it again in a heartbeat.


Adoption Story: Mikey l NomNomNow Blog


In her words, here is the story of Kristi and Mikey finding one another.
“I went over to Petco in Walnut Creek on Sunday February 21, 2016 looking for a kitty. They kitties weren’t there yet, so I headed back to my car to wait until they showed up. The rescue dogs were already outside in the pens, and as I walked out someone was putting this darling white fluffy dog back into the pen. 
I couldn’t resist. I walked over to the pen and he came over to me. I picked him up, and his paws literally wrapped around my arm clinging to me.  Then to top it off he rested his head on my chest!!  I lost it. I cried and knew I had to have him!  So, off we go…having adopted each other.”
Mikey is a Maltese, with an adorable face that could melt any heart. However, a few health issues have troubled him and Kristi right off the bat.


Adoption Story: Mikey l NomNomNow Blog


He came with no teeth, so I felt I needed to to careful what he ate.  His hair was SO THIN you could see his pink skin right through his hair. I was concerned about sunburn.   He scratched constantly.  I was told by the rescue (Bay Area Animal Rescue) that I would need to give him Benadryl forever.  His gums were infected.  His ears were infected!  After several appointments and drugs and a lot of $$$ later, his gums and ears have healed.  But…the thin hair and itchy skin just wasn’t going away.  Benadryl just didn’t seem like a good option.
In March of 2016 I was at the Walnut Creek AARF event, with Mikey of course.  Came across a vendor an odd name but two great women there.  So I asked….what is NomNomNow?  Alex explained about the fresh made/delivered food!  She asked if Mikey could try it?  Well, you’d think I never fed Mikey.  He SCARFED it up and wanted MORE!
Adoption Story: Mikey l NomNomNow Blog
This just made sense to me.  So, that evening I went online and got set up for food delivery.  It’s now been 8 months that Mikey has been eating NomNomNow.  He LOVES it!!!  His hair has gotten thicker.  He DOESN’T itch and scratch any more!!!  That is so exciting to me.  His ear and gum issues have gone away.  I tell everyone about NomNomNow all the time!”
A healthy #nommer, and a happy rescue, Mikey is now thriving, and has inspired Kristi to encourage others to adopt as well.
“Mikey is my first rescue dog.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  The return love is incredible.  As the saying goes….He rescued me!  He stole my heart.  I would also HIGHLY encourage rescuing an older dog.  Mikey came fully potty trained, as well as with manners!”

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