Meet Bailey & Riley!

This week’s featured #nommers: the dynamic duo of Bailey and Riley! We love this pair of 11-pound maltipoo Bailey, and his 78-pound goldendoodle brother Riley. Happiness really does come in all sizes!

Customer Spotlight: Bailey & Riley l NomNomNow Blog

Bailey and Riley are two goofy fluff-balls living in Lafayette, California, where they spend their days searching for sunny nap spots, stealing snacks from their human brother (shhh, don’t tell), hiking around, sitting on the deck watching for deer, and plotting to convince mom and dad that they haven’t been fed yet.

It’s a good life for these two, and they enjoy it all together. As for Mom and Dad, they’re just trying to keep up with their antics (and trying to keep track of how many meals they’ve had today– we swear we already fed them, one look at those faces and we can’t be sure!).

More than anything, Mom and Dad are relieved that these two pups are regular eaters.

“Bailey and Riley used to require bribes to finish their kibble, so imagine our surprise when we switched to NomNomNow, and they are now begging for dinner the moment Dad walks in the door. Their coats are shinier, their breath has improved, and they are way more energetic. People are shocked to hear that Bailey is 12– he looks and acts like a puppy now!”

Here are the key stats on these feisty #nommers!


Customer Spotlight: Bailey & Riley l NomNomNow Blog

Key Stats
– Weight: 11 pounds
– Age: 12 years young!
– Favorite Recipe: Tasty Turkey Fare
– Current Favorite Toy: Stuffed Hot Dog (but only the original which is missing its squeaker…that new one Mom bought is an imposter!)
– Advice to NomNomNow: 2 NomNoms a day is not enough. Can we trick Mom into adding lunch, please?!


Customer Spotlight: Bailey & Riley l NomNomNow Blog

Key Stats
– Weight: 78 pounds
– Age: 6 years old
– Favorite Recipe: Tied between Heartland Beef Mash and Porkalicious Potluck
– Current Favorite Toy: Stuffed animals! (Especially the big ones)
– Advice to NomNomNow: I agree with Bailey. Send more NomNoms please!

Keep up with Bailey and Riley on social media! Look for their features on the NomNomNow Instagram, @nom_nom_now.

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