Customer Spotlight: Rory the Corgi!

This week, we’re placing the spotlight on NomNomNow fanatic, Rory the Corgi! A resident of Oakland, California, Rory lives with her parents just a few blocks from our NomNom offices. She can be seen strutting her stuff beside the urban waterfront, as she plots shenanigans that she’s convinced her parents won’t notice (they do).

Rory the Pembroke Welsh Corgi l NomNomNow Blog Customer Spotlight

Whether she’s running wild at her favorite parks (Rory loves local classics such as Point Isabel and Fort Funston), or socializing with her furiends at the dog park behind their apartment complex, Rory is always on the move.

You might also find her chasing her long foxy tail, herding the cats around the house (they’ll thank me later), or being especially naughty and jumping into the water at the dog park behind their house (her humans’ favorite pastime of hers).

Something about that fresh food keeps Rory powering through her days, never too tired for her antics. Though when she does unwind for a minute, she looks so darn cute doing it that all is forgiven. Naptime is often spent cozying up to her parents, dreaming about future Noms and taking over the world.

Rory the Pembroke Welsh Corgi l NomNomNow Blog Customer Spotlight

We asked Rory’s parent Maggie for a little insight on her NomNomNow routine. Apparently, miss Rory gets quite sassy when asked to do tricks before eating (though she’ll do it if forced to by those crazy humans), and is happy to sacrifice a little dignity for a bite of that Heartland Beef Mash.

“Rory was never really a food motivated pup, but now that’s she’s eating the NomNoms, she’s been way more into food…Her weight is at a good constant now, and her coat is super shiny!”

We’re happy to hear it, Rory! Now, get back to those adorable antics of yours. That tail isn’t going to chase itself.

Rory the Pembroke Welsh Corgi l NomNomNow Blog Customer Spotlight

Key Stats:
– Weight: 20.1 lbs
– Favorite Recipe: Heartland Beef Mash!
– Current Favorite Toy: Broccoli Squeakers, aka Broccoli Obama by the humans
– Advice to NomNomNow: Keep up the quality of the delicious, healthy, and nutritious food so I can Nom them all!!

Keep up with Rory on Instagram for more adorable pics!

Is your dog a dedicated #nommer? Keep sharing their photos on social media– they could be featured on the blog!

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