The 8 Best Dog Parks in San Francisco

In a city where dogs outnumber children, the dog park reigns strong as the weekend plan you know you’ll never cancel. Whether your dog is looking to run free amongst pups of all sizes, or you’re trying to find somewhere where two-legged and four-legged friends alike can socialize, San Francisco has it. In fact, San Francisco has a ton of it, so our NomNomNow dogs have done the tough work of playing in all of them, to report back with their findings.

Best dog parks in San Francisco l NomNomNow Blog

The 8 Best Dog Parks in San Francisco

Here are the 8 best dog parks in San Francisco, worth trekking to no matter which neighborhood you’re coming from! (Don’t see your favorite? Share it in the comments below, and tell us why you love it!)

The Big Ones

Best Dog Parks in San Francisco: Fort Funston l NomNomNow Blog

  1. Fort Funston

Claim to fame: The dog park that’s actually a dog beach

Perfect for: Dogs with a ton of energy, dogs who like to swim

Parking: Yes

Pretty far south in the city, Fort Funston National Park is the pinnacle of dog parks. With a little climbing down to reach the beach (and the same steep path to take you back up), Fort Funston is perfect for tiring out any and every dog (and human), no matter what their energy levels. If your dog likes to swim, they’ll love running into the ocean. Just make sure to keep an eye on them as the waves can get pretty strong!

Address: (Park Merced) Fort Funston Rd, San Francisco, CA 94118

Hours: 7am-9pm Everyday

Best Dog Parks San Francisco: Crissy Field l NomNomNow Blog

  1. Crissy Field

Claim to fame: Grassy and sandy areas where dog can run off-leash

Perfect for: Taking adorable photos of your dog with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, picnicking

Parking: Yes

If you follow any San Francisco dogs on social media, then you’ve seen a lot of Crissy Field. With the ocean and Golden Gate Bridge to one side, and the lush Presidio to the other, it’s a picturesque place where dogs and their humans can exercise or lounge. Those simply looking for fresh air and somewhere to unwind can bring a picnic and some friends (when the weather is warm), and enjoy the weekend with your dog by your side. If activity is what you’re searching for, let your dog burn off some energy playing fetch on the sand, or run together along the path.

Address: (The Presidio) Crissy Field, San Francisco

Hours: 24 hours, every day

Best Dog Parks SF: Ocean Beach l NomNomNow Blog

  1. Ocean Beach

Claim to fame: A long beach packed with happy pups!

Perfect for: Dogs who want to run off-leash

Parking: Yes

Just beyond Chrissy Fields but before Fort Funston, you’ll find Ocean Beach. In the summer this is a popular spot for city beachgoers, but all year-round it’s a great place to take dogs who want a ton of space to run! Plus, it hosts an assortment of dog-friendly events (such as Corgi Con).

Address: (Outer Sunset) Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Hours: 24 hours, every day

Best Dog Parks San Francisco: Golden Gate Park l NomNomNow Blog

  1. Golden Gate Park

Claim to fame: Untamed nature that you and your dog will love

Perfect for: Those who want to spend time in the wooded areas

Parking: At some entrances, street parking in nearby neighborhoods

Golden Gate Park takes up a ton of the city’s real estate, countering all of the concrete with acres of lush, wooded forest, and relaxing paths. Whilst almost all of the massive park welcomes your dog on-leash, there are also a few spots where you can let your dogs off-leash and let them run wild and chase after squirrels (full details on off-leash areas can be found on the park’s website). Golden Gate Park frequently hosts events that you and your friends or family may want to attend with the pups in tow, but it’s also just a great way to escape the city without ever leaving it. Spend a few hours here and both you and your dog will forget where you are.

Address: (Richmond / Sunset) Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Hours: 24 hours, every day

Best Dog Parks in SF: Lafayette Square Park l NomNomNow Blog

The Local Favorites

  1. Lafayette Square Park

Claim to fame: The ritzy settings and crowd, and the fact that it’s basically always open

Perfect for: Letting your dogs off-leash in the fenced-in turf area, bringing your kids to play as well

Parking: No

For those right in the heart of the city, this patch of well-groomed grass is convenient for letting your dogs run wild while enjoying the elegant scenery yourself. Take in the exquisite real estate bordering the park, and enjoy the walk to and from. Plus, there’s a great playground for kids to burn off some energy as well!

Address: (Pacific Heights) Gough St & Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Hours: 6am-10pm, Every day

Best Dog Parks in San Francisco: Duboce Park l NomNomNow Blog

  1. Duboce Park

Claim to fame: Right in the middle of the city, home to the annual DogFest in April (pssst: we’re there every year!)

Perfect for: Dogs who are well-behaved and don’t need to be fenced in

Parking: No

Duboce is a favorite amongst those who live nearby; so much so that’s it offers major appeal to the adjacent real estate. If your canine is a dog about town looking to socialize (and you’re hoping to hang out with some other dog-loving city dwellers as well), this is the spot to go. Dogs who can run off-leash and play with others will love it.

Being the ultimate city park, Duboce Park is surrounded by busy streets on every side. Since not every end is fenced in, this won’t be an ideal dog park for skittish pups who might try to bolt towards the cars.

Address: (Duboce Triangle) Duboce Ave, San Francisco, CA 94117

Hours: 6am-10pm, Every day

Best Dog Parks in San Francisco: Corona Heights l NomNomNow Blog

  1. Corona Heights

Claim to fame: The right combo of tons of space, without having to drive to the edges of the city

Perfect for: Dogs who want a getaway from city life (and the loud noises that come with it)

Parking: Yes

When recommended to me by Tim, another member of the NomNomNow team, this park was described as having ‘a ridiculous amount of space compared to most city dog parks’. And that’s possibly an understatement. Despite being conveniently located near many neighborhoods in the city, it’s very secluded from street noises which makes it great for dogs who don’t do well with blaring car horns and other alarming city sounds (a reason Tim likes taking his shy rescue Rocky there).

Address: (The Castro) Roosevelt Way & Museum Way, San Francisco, CA 94114

Hours: 5am-12am, Every day

Best Dog Parks in SF: Buena Vista Park l NomNomNow Blog

  1. Buena Vista Park

Claim to fame: Amazing views and densely wooded areas right in the city

Perfect for: Enjoying a little more peace and quiet than most dog parks offer

Parking: Some (street parking nearby)

Buena Vista happens to be the oldest park in San Francisco, yet it doesn’t seem to be on the mainstream dog park circuit. With a bit of a climb through the trees that guarantees amazing views of the rest of San Francisco, you can easily spend a Saturday wandering through without passing too many other people or dogs.

Address: (Haight-Ashbury) Buena Vista & Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

Hours: 5am-12am, Every day

Best Dog Parks in San Francisco l NomNomNow Blog.jpg

What are your favorite dog parks in San Francisco? Share yours below!

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