Announcing the #ANTNommer winner!

Thank you to all of the adorable pups who entered our contest for America’s Next Top #Nommer! There were so many great entries, it was incredibly difficult to narrow it down. What can we say, we think all of our #nommers are winners!

Here are the ones that especially caught our eye this time around, including our grand prize winner Simba, who will be participating in our upcoming photoshoot and featured in future NomNomNow campaigns!

The winner of #ANTNommer: Simba!

We loved @Simbathepomapooch‘s entries, because he skillfully included the perfect mix of NomNomNow fanfare and the doggy diva lifestyle of a true top model. We fell in love with the recreation of the NomNomNow logo, and really enjoyed the picnic theme with his NomNomNow. Stay tuned for more photos of Simba coming up!

#ANTNommer Winner: Simba l NomNomNow Blog

#ANTNommer: Simba! Dog model contest l NomNomNow Blog

#ANTNommer Winner: Simba l NomNomNow Blog

Our runners-up…

1. Urban Bourbon Doodle

@Urban_bourbon_doodle kept it playful and cute, with an homage to our Bay Area roots by snapping this picture in San Francisco’s Crissy Field (one of our favorite dog parks in the city).

#ANTNommer Runner-up: Urban Bourbon Doodle l NomNomNow Blog

2. Holly Golightly

@GoHollyGolightly Stole our hearts with several great entries, showing off her tricks and her love of NomNomNow!

#ANTNommer Runner-up: Holly Golightly l NomNomNow Blog

3. ‘The Boys’: Connor & Murphy

Connor, Murphy and their sweet brother Joey had more winning entries, but we fell in love with these snaps of the ‘twins’ Connor and Murphy. Such a dynamic duo, and so impossible to resist in their NomNomNow bandanas!

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.30.25 AM.png

Thank you so much to all who entered, and please stay tuned for our next exciting contest!

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