Blue Buffalo Recall 2017

We began NomNomNow because we wanted to feed our dogs better, and with every major pet food recall we remember just how challenging that can be. It’s a full-time job keeping track of which foods are currently found to be killing our dogs (seriously– this is why Dog Food Advisor exists), and we don’t think anyone should have to worry about their dog being Patient One in the next episode.

Here’s the digest on the latest dog food recall, and how you can better protect yourself (and your dog) in the future.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall 2017 l NomNomNow Blog

Recalled dog food: Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe

(Healthy Weight, Chicken with Vegetables, 12.5 oz, Best By 8/3/2019)

Date of recall: February 13, 2017

Recalled for: Potential heavy metal contamination

Blue Buffalo has voluntarily recalled this specific recipe after their supplier notified them of a potential metal contamination. While we have to appreciate that the recall was voluntary, and not due to a death or illness, we can’t help but notice the many red flags that statement raises on its own.

Who is the supplier? And why are these ingredients ever potentially becoming contaminated? How are they being processed that metals are potentially getting mixed in?

While there are many issues to be aware of regarding what may be inside of your dog food, finding that you can’t even trust the production process of a high-end kibble is perhaps the most disheartening. Blue Buffalo sells premium products, yet as they’ve grown have become far removed from their own production process, with ingredients being treated with so little care that the company isn’t even the first to know (nor supervise) when they’re coming into contact with metals.

Here at NomNomNow, we only believe in using human-grade ingredients that we prepare ourselves. We’re not the only safe choice, but it’s clear that no matter how premium a product, large pet food companies are too far removed from their product (or perhaps, simply not concerned enough) to ensure that what they sell you to feed your loved ones is nothing but the best. Don’t learn the hard way– research your dog’s food and how it’s made before you feed it.

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