Benny the Bernese Mountain Dog

A 120-pound picky eater may sound like an anomaly, but so goes the story of our #nommer Benny, the Bernese Mountain Dog.

NomNomNow Review: Benny the Bernese Mountain Dog l NomNomNow Blog

Benny’s parents had been struggling with their big guy, as he managed to be an overweight two-year-old who could never stick with any one dog food. His dad Matthew recently sat down with us, and shared the challenge of trying a different dog food every few weeks, trying to get Benny to stay interested in something– anything.

“We tried raw dog food, dehydrated, I cooked for him. It would work for a few weeks, but he always gave up on it. Benny wouldn’t eat any other dog food for longer than a few weeks at a time”, says Matthew.

So, when they found NomNomNow and Benny didn’t stop eating it after a few weeks, they knew they were on to something. First challenge completed: Benny was eating a food he loved. Next challenge? Keeping him interested in the food as they reduced portions to help him lose weight.

When Benny joined NomNomNow just before turning 2 years old, he weighed about 150 pounds. That’s a whole lot of dog. And while we know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, that much weight can begin taking a toll on a dog’s body in more ways than one.

“What changes have we seen in Benny? Well, he’s lost weight. Over 20 pounds, actually, which was easy due to the portioning NomNomNow did to gradually reduce his calories. Because he’s lost weight, he has more energy. He’s happier all day long, especially at mealtime.”

NomNomNow Review: Benny the Bernese Mountain Dog l NomNomNow Blog

A fan of the Porkalicious Potluck, Benny has now been nomming with us for almost a year and a half, and is now down to 122 pounds. He’s the perfect weight for his size and breed, and looks forward to meal time more than ever. His parents might prefer if he stopped waking them up at 5am for his NomNomNow, but Benny’s working on it.


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