The 6 Best Dog-Friendly Hotel Chains

Our dogs are our favorite travel buddies, and we all know that the best adventures aren’t complete without them. If you’re about to plan a trip and want to know where your four-legged friend can stay with you, these hotel chains are guaranteed to pamper your pup as they deserve. Here are the 6 Best Dog-Friendly Hotel Chains, for dogs who really know how to travel.

6 Best Dog Friendly Hotel Chains l NomNomNow Blog

The 6 Best Dog-Friendly Hotel Chains to Pamper Your Pup At

1. Kimpton Hotels

Fee: Free

Size restriction: “If they can fit through the door, they’re welcome!”

At Kimpton Hotels, “dog-friendly” is simply an understatement. This boutique hotel chain is the ultimate destination in pet travel, with an attention to detail regarding your dog’s experience that you won’t soon forget.

As you walk in the door, you and your pup will be greeted by name, before being led to a room decked out for two-legged and four-legged travelers alike. Dog beds, food bowls, and other essentials await you in your room, though the Nightly Wine Reception is where most dogs will want to hang out and socialize. Trust the concierge to share their best pet-friendly recommendations in the area, so that you can enjoy every bit of the vacation together.

Dog Friendly Hotel Chains: Kimpton l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: Hotel Palomar San Diego

Browse Kimpton Hotels locations.

2. Loews Hotels and Resorts

Fee: A one-time $25 cleaning fee

Size restrictions: Two dogs per room

With an entire Loews Loves Pets program, it’s safe to say that your dog is welcomed with open arms (and a ton of treats) at all Loews Hotel and Resorts. Check-in includes welcome gifts, such as a name tag, bowl, and special treats, plus dog beds and other essential awaiting in your room.

But what really sets Loews apart? Their gourmet room service pet menus make it possible for your pup to dine on fresh, real food made by a licensed veterinarian. While we always travel with our NomNomNow meal packs, we love knowing there is a healthy back-up should you need it.

Dog Friendly Hotel Chains: Loews Hotels and Resorts l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: USA Today

Should you need it, the concierge will also provide you with pet-sitting or pet-walking services, plus personally-selected recommendations of nearby walking routes and pet-friendly destinations. Make sure to ask about location-specific offerings as well; they’ve been known to offer complimentary vet examinations, doggie spa treatments, and more!

Browse Loews Hotel and Resort locations.

3. Fairmont Hotels

Fee: Varies by location

Size restrictions: Varies by location

The Fairmont Hotels are a chain of luxury accommodations, with locations throughout the world. Their North American locations all offer dog-friendly accommodations, with a range of canine services and perks varying by hotel. For example, the Fairmont in Washington D.C. offers homemade treats from the hotel’s Executive Pastry Chef, and 5% of the room rate is donated to the Washington Animal Rescue League.

Dog Friendly Hotel Chains: Fairmont l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: Family Vacation Critic

The Fairmont Chateau Whistler in Canada is another of our favorites, and one of the most dog-friendly ski resorts you’ll find with the perfect mix of indoor amenities and outdoor activities.

On the off-chance you don’t bring your dog along, you’ll be happy to know that a Canine Ambassador will be there to greet you at the door at 11 of their locations.

Browse Fairmont Hotels locations.

4. Sheraton

Fee: Free at most locations

Size restrictions: 80 pounds (though exceptions can be made, just ask!)

Sheraton Hotels are a huge chain, with dog-friendly locations you can count on in just about any destination (only a few exceptions do not allow dogs due to local laws). ‘Welcome kits’ include complimentary goodies, plus a debriefing on nearby areas to playing, walking, and exploring with your dog. Inside the rooms, pups are pampered with luxurious pet beds, bowls, ID tags, and more.

We love that you can count on finding a Sheraton or other Starwood Brand Hotel in so many destinations, that hopefully you’ll never be without a place to stay with your pup.

Dog Friendly Hotel Chains: Sheraton l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: Sheraton Hotel

Browse Sheraton Hotel locations.

5. W Hotels

Fee: $25 per day, plus one-time $100 cleaning fee

Size restrictions: 40 pounds, max 1 pet per room

Humans come to W Hotels for the boutique design aesthetic, but your dogs will be the ones refusing to leave. Dogs are welcome at all W Hotels in North America, and are pampered with a range of amenities.

The W Hotels doggy welcome package includes a W pet tag, treats, and plastic bags, while plush dog beds and food bowls await in your room. Thoughtful additions such as treats at turndown and a personalized welcome letter with nearby dog-friendly services and destinations give your dog the same level of customer service you count on.

Dog Friendly Hotel Chains: W Hotels l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: W Hotels Minneapolis

Browse W Hotel locations.

6. Mandarin Oriental

Fee: Typically $100 per stay (varies by hotel)

Size restrictions: Typically 25 pounds per less (varies by hotel)

For the ultimate in luxury and pristine customer service, Mandarin Oriental is the golden standard– for you and your dog. While fees and restrictions vary by location, what you receive will be more than worth it. Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed with a pet tag, gourmet treats and toys, and a cozy dog bed and bowls in your room.

Local dog-friendly recommendations will be given to your by the manager, with a list of essential pet resources in the area. Plus, when you’re not out exploring the city together, tuck in and take advantage of the room service offerings that cater to humans and dogs alike. The best part? These services are offered world-wide, so there’s truly not limit to where you and your pup can travel.

Dog Friendly Hotel Chains: Mandarin Oriental Paris l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: Mandarin Oriental Paris

Browse Mandarin Oriental locations.

The hardest part will be choosing which of these luxurious dog-friendly hotels will be first on your list. Don’t forget to pack your NomNomNow meals, and the two of you are ready to go!

Want to learn more about bringing healthy dog food when you travel? Our NomNomNow meal packs are individually portioned, and always ready to go. Order ahead to make sure you have enough food for the duration of your trip! Learn more here

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