The Perfect Saturday in SF: With Your Dog

In a city where more of us have dogs than have children, we all know the weekend revolves around our four-legged friends. It’s never a question of if we’re going to brunch followed by the dog park this weekend; it’s simply a question of, which ones?

For the perfect, conveniently-located, dog-friendly destinations to kick off a great Saturday in SF with your dog, follow our itinerary below!

Dog Friendly SF: How to Spend a Saturday in SF l NomNomNow Blog

The Perfect Saturday in SF: with your dog!

1. Brunch with your pup

Once you’ve both rolled out of bed and shoes and leashes are on, make your way to Park Chalet Garden Restaurant right at the edge of Golden Gate Park. Open from 8am to 11pm on Saturday and Sunday, this restaurant has both indoor and outdoor eating areas– though the outdoor is our favorite. Sit back in comfy chairs, let your dog lounge on the grass, and order a delicious breakfast to enjoy as you relax, nestled between the lush trees of Golden Gate Park and sprawling Ocean Beach.

It’s perfect for bringing along a big group of your friends and their dogs as well. With a varied menu of Cal-New American Cuisine, there’s a little something for everyone. And for those in search of the figurative hair of the dog, they also have their own house-brewed beer.

Park Chalet: Dog Friendly Restaurants SF l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: CBS Local


2. Off-leash exploring

Next stop: the active part of your Saturday. Take that with a grain of salt though, because you can be as active or as easygoing as you want. Right now, you’re between two of our favorite dog parks in San Francisco: Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach. If you want to explore amongst the trees, go wild in dog runs, or check out the many sites to see, Golden Gate Park is the spot to be. With over 1.5 square miles of green space, you could easily spend hours here.

If your pup has a ton of energy to get out and wants to really run wild, Ocean Beach is the place to go. While Golden Gate Park wins for amount of space to play in, dogs are not allowed off-leash in every part of the park. Ocean Beach, on the other hand, is a free for all. Play fetch in the sand, soak in the sun, and walk along the long stretch of beach whilst enjoying the view.

For those seeking even more of an adventure, make your way to Fort Funston, where a steep hike down to the beach will add a bit more of a workout to the day.

Best Dog Parks in San Francisco l NomNomNow Blog

(Find details on Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, and Fort Funston here.)

3. Cool down with food and drinks at Zazie

Whether you’ve had more of a workout or an easier day, you’ve earned a relaxing cool down. Zazie in Cole Valley is one of our favorite spots, because it would probably make our list even if it weren’t dog-friendly– the food and ambiance are that worthwhile. Luckily, it’s as dog-friendly as they come, and even hosts Bring Your Dog dinners on Monday night. On the weekends, you and your pup can camp out on the patio and enjoy delicious French fare, cool drinks, and lovely service.

If you’re planning to join a bigger group of friends here, go ahead and make a reservation via Waits can get long as it’s a popular spot. It’s open from 5pm-10pm on Saturdays (9:30pm on Sundays), though they also serve a great brunch and lunch from 9am-3pm if you decide to swap Zazie and Park Chalet.

Zazie: Dog Friendly Restaurants SF l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: Houzz

Even after all the fun has been had, and your perfect Saturday comes to an end, don’t worry. Your dog still has their NomNomNow dinner at home to look forward to!


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