Customer Spotlight: Travis & Taya!

This week on the blog, we’re turning the spotlight on a local duo from San Francisco: meet Travis & Taya!

Best food for Boston Terriers l NomNomNow Blog

Residing in Civic Center, San Francisco, Travis & Taya are fixtures about town. You might catch them playing in Alamo Square (one of Taya’s favorite parks), or perhaps you’ll be greeted by Taya herself on one of their many daily walks– this social butterfly is known to say hi to anyone, and everyone, she passes.

We recently sat down with Travis & Taya to learn a little bit more about their journey, and how they found themselves nomming with us for the past year.

NNN: You two clearly have a very strong bond. What do you love most about Taya?

Travis: She has such a fun personality, and many funny mannerisms. All in all, she just adds more joy to our lives than I would ever have expected. Also, I love the fact that she will wake me up in the mornings when I don’t immediately get up for my alarms. I like to think it’s her looking out for me, but in reality I know it’s because she’s ready for her NomNomNow.

Best food for Boston Terriers l NomNomNow Blog

NNN: What inspired you guys to switch Taya to fresh dog food from NomNomNow?

Travis: Ever since Taya was just weeks old, my partner and I had trouble finding the perfect kibble or canned wet food for her. Her stomach was so very easily irritable (like many Boston Terriers), and the typical dog food brands we tried just weren’t cutting it. At times, it would be quite embarrassing to even walk her on the sidewalks throughout the neighborhood.

Fast forward a few months later, a colleague sent me a link to NomNomNow on our team’s communication channel, and I immediately signed up for a first delivery to give it a try. I was beyond satisfied from the first delivery on. We’ve now been getting NomNomNow delivered weekly for Taya for almost 1 year!

NNN: We’re so happy to hear that! What about the experience has made it so positive for you guys?

Travis: Every aspect of NomNomNow continues to impress me on a weekly basis. There is a great attention to detail across the board– the outstanding and attentive customer service, the quality of ingredients, and the accountable weekly deliveries. Also, the individually (and easily tearable) portioned meals are very convenient. Especially when rushing around to get ready in the mornings.

Best food for Boston Terriers l NomNomNow Blog

NNN: Making your life easier is one of our goals, so we’re pleased to hear that! Have you noticed any changes in Taya’s behavior or overall health since starting NomNomNow?

Travis: The very first thing we noticed when switching to NomNomNow is that one of the most well-known traits about Boston’s (passing gas) has immediately been put to a stop! The second, and most important change, was that her easily-irritable stomach was no longer irritated.

Ever since switching to NomNomNow, Taya has been completely full of energy, looks very fit/healthy, and has a constant shiny coat. We take her on daily walks throughout the city, and no longer have to fear her stomach issues will put a damper on our plans.

Best food for Boston Terriers l NomNomNow Blog

NNN: What advice would you give to other pet parents considering NomNomNow?

Travis: It is too easy to dismiss spending a few extra dollars on your dog’s kibble or wet food in favor of higher quality dog food. In my opinion, too many people simply go with the larger brands that they recognize, even though that food might not contain the freshest ingredients, nor does it agree with their dogs’ food allergies. If you’re like me, your dog’s livelihood and diet is equally important to you as your own.

I highly recommend NomNomNow because I know my Taya is eating the freshest of ingredients on a daily basis, and is now set up for a longer, healthier life! To top things off, by joining you’ll never have to worry about running out of your dog’s food (that dreaded late night scramble to the pet store), because that next meal of theirs will always be waiting for you in a drawer in the fridge, or just outside the door on delivery day (aka Taya’s favorite day).

Best food for Boston Terriers l NomNomNow Blog

Key Stats:
– Weight: 22 lbs
– Age: 1 1/2
– Breed: Boston Terrier
– Location: Civic Center, San Francisco, CA
– Favorite Recipe: Porkalicious Potluck
– Current Favorite Toy: Knotted tug rope toys (“Usually replaced bi-monthly due to excessive play time!”)
– What she loves most about NomNomNow: All the fresh veggies, especially the kale!

Give your dog a taste of Taya’s favorite NomNomNow recipe, Porkalicious Potluck, and share your story with us! Your pup could be featured next.

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