3 Dog-Sitting & Dog-Boarding Options You’ll Love

You’re just about to leave for a vacation, and it turns out none of your friends or family can watch your beloved pup while you’re gone. As you scramble to think of what to do, take a deep breath– we’ve got you covered. From dog-sitting websites, to alternative boarding facilities, these are the best ways to find someone to care for your dog while you’re away. With three solid options like these, you won’t need to look any further for someone to take care of your pup! (And yes, we can deliver their NomNomNow to all of these locations!)

Dog sitting and dog boarding l NomNomNow Blog

1. DogVacay

The AirBnB for our four-legged friends, DogVacay provides an alternative to traditional kennels by allowing your dog to stay in a home. As a dog owner, simply go on the site, and you can search through people willing to dog sit your dog at their home or yours, or simply schedule ‘drop-in’s throughout the day. When you’re in town, they also have options for doggy day care, and dog walkers.

We love DogVacay because it gives you a choice of having your dog go to another home, or stay comfy in your place, and reviews make it easy to sort through dog-sitters and find someone who will be a good fit. Take advantage of 24/7 customer service, the opportunity to chat with your sitter, photo and video exchange between sitter and owner, and insurance that’s included in the price– all of which make for a pretty great experience for you and your pup.

Dog sitting and dog boarding dog vacay l NomNomNow Blog

2. Rover.com

Touted as the “Nation’s Largest Community of Dog Sitters”, Rover.com operates very similarly to DogVacay. Rover.com is another great site (with an accompanying phone app), that allows you to sort through reviews of dog sitters and choose between having someone sit at your house, or taking your dog to their home while you’re gone.

When choosing between Rover and DogVacay you’ll find they offer largely the same service, though the scale of DogVacay makes it feel as though you have a plenty of options, with slightly less to have to sift through. Both offer comparable services, and provide a comfy alternative to dogs who don’t do well with boarding (or those who do, but simply want something different!).

Dog sitting and dog boarding Rover.com l NomNomNow Blog

3. WAG Hotels

For a ‘traditional’ dog-boarding experience that is anything but traditional, WAG Hotels are a great choice for somewhere to leave your dog while you’re away. With safety, convenience, and the comfort of dogs and humans alike as their main priorities, WAG delivers with state-of-the-art facilities and premium customer service.

Choose from a variety of rooms, and let your dog take advantage of services such as grooming, training, and personalized play time while you’re away. When you’re in town, revisit the facility for classes, picking up pet products, or any of the many events they host throughout the year. To say WAG is more than just a boarding facility is an understatement.

Dog sitting dog boarding Wag Hotels l NomNomNow Blog

Once you’ve booked your dog’s stay, don’t forget to re-route your NomNomNow delivery for the week! At no additional fee, we’ll send your fresh dog food to any address in the region– just make sure to add the new address in your account section. 

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