“Why I switched from raw to fresh dog food.”

If you haven’t heard about ‘raw dog food’, you won’t soon forget it once you have. Inspired by an idea that our dogs should be eating like their ancestors, a raw dog food diet is made up of raw meat (and sometimes includes raw veggies as well). When we began our NomNomNow quest to feed dogs better, we explored fresh and raw, ultimately settling on fresh based on a variety of expert opinions that told us fresh was safer for us and our dogs (not to mention the experience for pet parents is much more convenient).

We sat down with one of our #nommers Alan and his dog Edison, to hear more about their experience with raw dog food, and why they ultimately ditched it for a fresh diet.

Raw dog food to fresh dog food, boston terrier l NomNomNow Blog

NNN: What made you choose raw dog food in the first place?

Alan: Edison had a ton of issues going on, and I was trying to find a solution. His hair was falling out, he was excessively drinking water, he had horrible gas, and was really lethargic. This was all on veterinarian-prescribed kibble. The vet would keep suggesting a different type of food and it might solve one issue, but then another subset of problems would emerge.

I spoke to my dog trainer, who initially suggested I try raw. She gave me the whole “they’re wild animals” spiel, which I wasn’t into. But she said it would be easier on his system, and that convinced me to give it a try. I needed to figure something out.

NNN: How did Edison respond to raw dog food?

Alan: His body responded well. Way better than to any of the kibbles. 

NNN: And how was the raw experience for you?

Alan: We did raw for 8 years. I would always think there had to be a better way because it was so inconvenient for me. With fresh dog food from NomNomNow, it’s the convenience of not having to go to the store, not having to thaw before serving, not measuring, not cleaning up, not having to tell people not to let Edison kiss them because I was scared of salmonella. I actually would have to warn people if they came over after he’d been fed.

First, we started with Mountain Dog. It comes in a brick (yes, a brick of raw meat), so I would take the frozen brick and try to lop off chunks of it. Literally shaving it off because that stuff is hard as a rock when it’s frozen. I had to buy a kitchen scale to weigh out the 160 grams or whatever it was they recommended . I’d pile the shavings of raw frozen meat on the scale, going back and forth until it was just the right amount. Then I’d stick that in the microwave, and test it to make sure it was the right temperature before feeding.

Because I travel so often, I’d have dog-sitters watch Edison while I was gone. It’s crazy to explain this to anyone, so I would sit down and portion out 20 days’ worth of food, and literally have blisters on my hands from sawing this hunk of meat, and then I’d spend an hour putting each portion into a Ziplock bag.

So, I switched to Primal Raw– supposed to be more convenient. With that, I’d walk 45 minutes to the pet store, spend $35 on a week of food, come home, take out 4 pucks, and defrost them in the microwave for 4 minutes. I’d mash up the defrosted raw meat, and have to temperature-check that it was thawed, but not cold. Of course, sometimes I’d realize I was out of food and would have to make a last-minute run to the pet store because my dog was waiting for his dinner, and now I’m feeling like a bad pet parent.

I calculated I was spending about 12 hours a month doing all of this. Paying a premium price, and doing all that work. And if I was traveling with Edison on this meal plan? I’d end up either home-cooking an impromptu meal for him (not fun after a long day, not in my own home), or I’d have to run out to a store like Jeffrey’s and buy just one meal, because it’s so expensive.  I was basically doing all the work that NomNomNow does for me, and paying the same price.

Raw dog food to fresh dog food, best dog food for Boston Terriers l NomNomNow Blog

NNN: That’s a lot…

Alan: We only did it for 8 years because I didn’t know of a better way. I was always sort of looking for something better, and one day I found NomNomNow while searching online.

NNN: And what was your first experience with fresh food from like?

Alan: It was amazing. Even from when the box was delivered. I could see the fresh ingredients right in the bags, and Edison was losing his mind from the start, sniffing at the box, tearing at the box. I had been looking for somebody who would deliver directly to my door, and the service of that (especially included in the price) was incredible.

NNN: Now that you’ve been doing a fresh diet from NomNomNow with Edison, what are your thoughts?

Alan: It’s as healthy as raw, but far more convenient.

The customer service is phenomenal. The service of it arriving to your door is incredible. It’s the easiest, the healthiest, and the safest dog food on the market, my dog loves it, and the convenience factor of not having to go out and get it has such a value.

NNN: What would you say to a raw feeder considering fresh dog food?

Alan: All the benefits of raw are with fresh dog food, but the convenience factor with NomNomNow is 10x.

NNN: Thank you for chatting (and #nomming!) with us!

Raw dog food to fresh dog food, best dog food for Boston Terriers l NomNomNow Blog

Key Stats on Edison:

– Weight: 20 lbs
– Age: 12
– Breed: Boston Terrier
– Location: San Francisco, CA
– Favorite Recipe: Heartland Beef Mash
– Current Favorite Toy: Anything without fur or stuffing (I’ll rip it up in seconds!)
– What he loves most about NomNomNow: The delicious food for me, and the convenience for my dad.

Are you and your dog ready to make the switch to fresh dog food? Get started here. 

3 thoughts

    1. Hi Gus!

      We’re all about getting the best nutrition around here. What’s most important when comparing raw and gently cooked dog food is that, by the time they hit the bowl, the food includes the optimal number of nutrients.

      Gently cooked food should have nutrients added to make up for any lost by cooking (a process during which risk for bacteria is also killed as well). NomNomNow completes meals by adding nutrients, and any other gently cooked food should as well!


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