Noosa: My Partner in Crime

This week, we’re turning our customer spotlight on an adventurous pair well-known around the NomNomNow office: Noosa and Jordan! From a heart-wrenching rescue story, to an adventurous journey along the West Coast, to their happy ending in the city of San Francisco, these pair have a story we’ve been eager to share with all of you. Any other pet parents who call their dog a partner in crime will know the feeling!

NomNomNow Customer Spotlight l NomNomNow Blog

This dynamic duo found each other in Connecticut 5 years ago, though Noosa had been born in Tennessee. An anonymous tip had led a Tennessee-based group to rescue Noosa and her five litter mates from an illegal puppy mill in the area, but they needed additional resources to find the puppies homes. All the local shelters were overrun, and the poor dogs needed somewhere safe. The rescue brought the dogs up to Connecticut, and held an adoption event to find their forever homes.

Like many adoption stories begin, Jordan had no intention of adopting a dog on the day she found Noosa. But when she walked into a the adoption event with her mom, who was looking for a dog of her own to bring home, fate struck.

“Noosa immediately ran over to me. She was a tiny little puppy, just 3 months old, and when I picked her up I immediately knew she was my dog,” recalls Jordan. “I knew by the way she looked at me. She chose me. I was immediately in love, and I knew I had found my new best friend. No, my partner in crime.”

NomNomNow Customer Spotlight l NomNomNow Blog

Meet-cute behind them, Jordan adopted Noosa and brought her home. From day one, Jordan recounts the joy of doing everything together.

“Noosa never wanted to leave my side. And after 5 years, she hasn’t. First, she lived with me in New York City, before we moved out West. Then, my boyfriend Cameron and I bought an old 1971 VW bus, and the three of us traveled in it along the entire West Coast for three months.”

Throughout the three months, they hiked, walked, ran, and explored the landscape of the West Coast as a dynamic trio. Noosa, a partner in crime who also knows how to carry her own, was always responsible for carrying her own food and water whenever they backpacked.

NomNomNow Customer Spotlight l NomNomNow Blog

“She’s just so adaptable. The three of us are very outdoorsy, and she loves that. And luckily, she’s always been so healthy that even after a long day of hiking and exploring, she’s so energetic. It doesn’t phase her at all.”

The bus and its travelers finally came to a stop in Santa Barbara, California, where Jordan, Noosa, and Cameron swapped the van for a boat, and made yet another adventurous home right in the heart of the Santa Barbara harbor.

Jordan, a practicing veterinarian technician, would spend her days tending to other animals in need, and evenings unwinding with Noosa, Cameron, and their latest addition to the family– a big cat with an even bigger personality, named Tuna.

NomNomNow Customer Spotlight l NomNomNow Blog

When they finally made their way to a new home in San Francisco, Noosa also found a new diet in NomNomNow. And for the pack of adventurers, this became an important part of their story.

“For a while, I had been feeding Noosa Fromm Duck and Sweet Potato kibble. She had a ton of allergies so we were always searching for novel proteins, and high quality foods, but nothing was right. As a true partner in everything I did, I knew we had to find a diet that worked better for her if we wanted to keep having these adventures together.

“She had the energy, but also had a ton of food allergies, and kept getting itchy on different recipes. I went through a lot of kibble trying to find one that would make her less itchy, and stop chewing her feet. She just looked overall uncomfortable, and it made me really upset. I wanted only the best for her.

“In search of something that would solve these issues once and for all, I discovered fresh food. It had been so impossible to know what was actually going into kibble, that we could never determine what she was really allergic to in it.

Noosa rocks

“When I began Googling around and found NomNomNow, I couldn’t wait to try it. And neither could Noosa. When the first NomNomNow delivery arrived and she sniffed the box, she started jumping up and spinning around, which is her new favorite trick. When she first saw the meal pack? I couldn’t get it in the bowl fast enough. Within 5 seconds it was gone.

“Food time had never been her favorite time of day, but now whenever I open the fridge she runs into the kitchen thinking it’s her food.”

Most importantly though, we wanted to know how her allergies had improved.

“Her itching has gotten a lot better,” says Jordan, “she has a lot more energy, and I mean her coat is so shiny I actually get comments on it every time I go to the dog park. Having been a vet tech, I know how important diet is for our dogs, and how it can impact your dog for their entire life.

“To someone considering fresh dog food, I say go for it. The benefits even after just a few weeks are visible, and I know Noosa would back me up on this one. I eat healthy, and I know when my dog eats healthy, I know she’s going to live longer. She’ll be there with me to go on so many more adventures. Just the thought of spending a few more years with my best friend means the world to me.

As we watch Noosa and Jordan continue their adventures in the Bay Area, and many sure to happen far beyond, we see the difference fresh has made in both of their lives. Wouldn’t we all do whatever it takes to spend more time with our partners in crime?

Fresh dog food benefits l NomNomNow Blog

Key Stats:
– Weight: 35 lbs
– Age: 5
– Breed: Lab mix
– Favorite Park: Redwood Regional (Oakland, CA)
– Favorite Recipe: Porkalicious Potluck
– Current Favorite Toy: Orange rubber balls
– What she loves most about NomNomNow: Inhaling it in under 5 seconds every time!

Learn more about a healthy diet plan for your partner in crime. (And if you’re frequent travelers like Noosa and Jordan, don’t worry– we can send your food to anywhere within 9 Western States, at no additional charge!)

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