Customer Spotlight: Sprout!

This week, we’re turning the spotlight on a small pup with a big heart: Sprout!

Best food for tripawds l NomNomNow Blog
Sprout with her pet parents on their wedding day

This rescue had a rocky start before finding her forever home; with only three legs, she’s had a few obstacles that not all other pups experience, but she’s never let it slow her down! Now, a resident of Cole Valley who loves to run on the beach, or play ball in Golden Gate Park, life has certainly taken a turn for the best in her forever home. Parents Emily and Chris share their journey with Sprout, and all the heart-warming moments along the way!

NNN: How did you guys find Sprout?

Emily & Chris: We found Sprout on the SF SPCA website. She looked totally disheveled and her inky eyes captured our hearts from go. My friend said she was like the “Charlie Brown christmas tree of dogs” because she looked so tiny and sad, but we just saw pure love. And boy, did that frown turn upside down when we brought her home!

Best food for three legged dogs l NomNomNow Blog
Sprout’s SPCA photo

NNN: How has having Sprout added to your lives?

Emily & Chris: She is such an inspiration in her spirit and her love for life. As a dog with three legs, she has some tough moments, but she always wants to try activities, and she loves being autonomous. We have a little sling for her and try to carry her in it when she gets tired on long walks, but she hardly ever lets us put her in there. She loves being part of the gang!

She really is the sweetest and best part of our daily lives. If she knows we are stressed or unhappy, she tries to cheer us up by sitting on her bottom like a fire hydrant and waving her little paw at us (take a moment to picture that…). It’s very endearing that she is so tuned into our emotions. When we get stressed or sad, she is the first one to come over and check in. She’s the sweetest and most empathetic dog.

Sprout the Tripawd l NomNomNow Blog

NNN: How did you guys find yourself eating with us at NomNomNow?

Emily & Chris: Before NomNomNow, we were trying a range of ‘raw’ and grain-free foods. They were often frozen or freeze-dried. Unfortunately, she would get bored quickly so we were always trying to mix it up and keep her interested.

Since switching to NomNomNow, there is no more wasted food for Sprout. She loves it, and we’ve seen changes in her overall health that makes us happy to give it to her. She can run further, her coat looks shinier, she’s more alert, and generally happier since she started eating NomNomNow.

We believe that our pets deserve to be treated as first class citizens in our home. We joke that Sprout has an apartment in San Francisco, and we just get to live in it. With that attitude, we always want her to eat the best food possible. Every time we put NomNomNow in her dish, we feel so good that she is getting food that is high enough quality for us to eat. Knowing she’s getting a nutrient-rich and balanced diet gives up hope that she’ll live the longest and highest quality life possible!

Christ & Sprout! NomNomNow Blog

NNN: We’re so happy to hear that! What would you say to other parents considering NomNomNow?

Emily & Chris: Get into NomNomNow! We feel badly when we hear our friends say that their dogs aren’t really into their food, or only eat when they’re starving. They probably don’t actually like their food!

We don’t have that problem with Sprout anymore, and we love knowing that our dog is getting the nutrition she needs to live a long, healthy life!

NNN: And most importantly…What do you love most about Sprout?

Emily & Chris: Sprout is one of the most loving little critters to her family. Once she becomes friends with her humans, she can hardly contain herself upon being reunited with them! Also, she is the best snuggler in the world.

Sprout the Tripawd l NomNomNow Blog

Key Stats:
– Weight: 9 lbs
– Age: 4 years
– Breed: Terrier Mix
– Location: Cole Valley, San Francisco, CA
– Favorite Recipe: Chicken Chow Wow
– Current Favorite Toy: Her ball, no exceptions
– Fun Fact: Sprout loves to ‘air-bite’ as a way to communicate — she looks like she’s talking to us, but quietly! It’s pretty awesome to have a communicative dog without all the barking!
– What she loves most about NomNomNow: The taste!


We could all be more like Sprout. Get her healthy food for your dog!

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