Holly Golightly!

This week, the spotlight is on a local pup who lives just steps away from our office in Oakland: little miss Holly Golightly! From picky eater to thriving nommer, this rescue’s journey now finds her happy and healthy (and begging for more, please).

NomNomNow Customer: Holly Golightly l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: Julianne Chai

We originally met Holly and her parents at a Halloween event at Wag Hotel, where she was the most prepared of them all, with multiple costume changes for the costume competition. She also caught our team’s eye with her one-of-a-kind eating ritual mom Julianne shared on Instagram (we’ve watched this video many times). Six months later, she’s one of our happy #nommers, and was even a runner-up in our #AmericasNextTopNommer competition!

When she’s not chasing squirrels and birds through Jack London Square, you can catch Holly sunbathing, or on group walks with her dog walker Andy. We asked mom and dad, Julianne and Dan, to share a little more about this sweet girl, and how becoming a #nommer has impacted them all.

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NomNomNow: Hi guys! What initially made you curious about fresh dog food?

Julianne + Dan: Holly is an extremely picky eater. She would turn her nose up at canned or dehydrated dog food…let alone, kibble! We’ve tried so many dog food recipes on Pinterest, we’d even scramble eggs just to convince her to eat.

NomNomNow: We remember sharing some samples with Holly, and you guys were shocked when she actually gobbled it right up! 

Julianne + Dan: Now that she’s eating NomNomNow, she cleans the bowl every single time. We love that she actually loves it! And for us, it’s important that the food she’s enjoying is healthy REAL food. Hands down, the quality of the food is our favorite thing about it. Well, and that you deliver to our door 🙂
fresh dog food benefits l NomNomNow Blog

NomNomNow: Have you noticed any changes since switching to NomNomNow?

Julianne + Dan: Holly has put on some weight, which is great — my mom used to accuse us of not feeding her! She was just so picky before, she didn’t always eat enough. Now, her coat is so shiny and full, which was the first tell-tale sign that NomNomNow was good for her.

NomNomNow: What would you say to other pet parents considering NomNomNow?

Julianne + Dan: Try it, just give it a try! For just a few more dollars a week, you can feed your dog something that even you’d want to eat! You don’t have to worry about measuring the food out, or wonder what’s in the food. It’s worth every penny to see your dog enjoy their food and lick the bowl clean.

NomNomNow: And perhaps most importantly…what do you love most about Holly?!

Julianne + Dan: Holly loves deeply and completely. She’s very picky about who she shows affection to, but when she does, she does with 100%. There’s a lot of nudging with her nose, paying, and kissing. She’s very independent for the most part, but when she wants to show you her love, you feel so special 🙂

Best dog food for picky eater l NomNomNow Blog

Key Stats:
– Weight: 27 lbs
– Age: 2
– Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog mix
– Favorite Place: Estuary Park at Jack London Square (Oakland, CA)
– Favorite Recipe: Heartland Beef Mash
– Current Favorite Toy: A Nylabone Dinosaur (without the head- it’s been long chewed off!)
– Advice to NomNomNow: More please!

Get your picky eater on a healthy meal plan they’ll love, with NomNomNow!

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