How to Travel with Your NomNomNow

At NomNomNow, we believe in healthy food that is also convenient– no matter what your lifestyle is. As summer trips come up and you plan to travel with your pup, here are a few important tips for traveling with your NomNomNow!

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How to Travel with NomNomNow

Bring NomNomNow with You

Bringing NomNomNow with you is easy! Here’s how:

  1. In anticipation of travel, please let us know a couple weeks before you depart. We can send multiple weeks of fresh food in the delivery right before you leave (based on how you will be gone), and pause your account for the weeks you will be away. Store additional weeks of food in the freezer until you leave on your trip.
  2. As you may have read in our post about re-using NomNomNow packaging, our cool liners and ice packs can be saved to transport your dog’s meals to your destination. Wrap frozen meal packs and ice packs in your liner, and bring them with you! This will keep them safe for up to 8 hours in transit.
  3. Upon arrival at your destination, place meals in a freezer, and move to the fridge 24-48 hours before feeding, allowing them to defrost on their own. Serve as usual!

Have NomNomNow Meet You There

In your account, you may notice that you can save multiple addresses. If you will be traveling within the continental USA, it’s easy to have your dog’s NomNomNow meet you at your destination!

  1. In your account, add the address of your destination. In the same way you can pause individual weeks, simply assign the new address to the weeks you would like your NomNomNow delivered to it. This way, you can receive fresh deliveries as usual!
  2. If your travel dates will not line up exactly with delivery dates, re-use the liners and ice packs as detailed above to transport extra food to and from your destination.

No matter what your travel plans, it’s always easy to maintain your dog’s healthy diet!

Show us where your dogs’ NomNomNow has traveled to with #NomNomNow on social media!


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