Infographic: Which foods are safe for dogs?

For years, the old adage was to not feed dogs “people food”. Dogs ate dog food, and people ate people food. Of course, we now know that dogs and people should both be eating real food.

When you find yourself wondering which foods are safe for your dog, and which are toxic to your dog, don’t just guess: trust the experts. We’ve asked our Veterinary Nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, to create the ultimate dog food safety guide to conquer all the conflicting guides you may find online, to provide every pet parent with the best resource possible.


Print it out, stick it on the fridge, and make sure everyone in your household becomes familiar with which foods are safe for your dog, and which foods are toxic to your dog!

Your dog deserves fresh, real food for every meal. Feed them the healthiest food possible with NomNomNow.

2 thoughts

    1. Hi Robert!

      Thanks for sharing…Just curious, which ingredient is this? We’ll make sure to check with our Veterinary Nutritionist! Like with any pet food or treats, we try to speak about the whole ingredients. Added artificial ingredients, preservatives, or substitutes should always be looked for on a label- pure peanut butter is safe for our dogs, though this brings up the important point that anything with additives should be avoided. In human and pet diets!

      Thanks for commenting, Robert!


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