LittleCooperBear’s 10 Favorite Things

Guest post by Kim Huong (human to @LittleCooperBear)

Cooper is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup with a penchant for trouble and a huge appetite for adventure (and food, mostly food). Residing in the eclectic city of San Francisco, Coops has been a #nommer for over 1.5 years. For those of you who know Cooper well, and for those of you who don’t yet, he would like to share a little bit about himself!

Little Cooper Bear l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: @littlecooperbear

LittleCooperBear’s 10 Favorite Things

1. Teepee

Most dogs have a crate or a regular dog bed, Cooper has a teepee. The teepee was purchased on a whim in order to make our home more aesthetically pleasing. Didn’t expect it to become a safe haven for Cooper. He take naps in there, chews on his bully stick in there, and occasionally has some self-reflection in there as well.

Little Cooper Bear l NomNomNow Blog

Photo: @littlecooperbear

2. Hedgehog toy

Hedgie has over 5 squeakers and is half the size of Cooper. A typical toy gets destroyed within a couple of hours but somehow Hedgie has managed to survive for over a month. Coops will go nuts with Hedgie for an hour, and then take a power nap next to him.

3. All Natural Chews

Any healthy chew will keep Cooper busy for hours on end!

4. Fetch – ChuckIt

Nothing gets Cooper more focused and energized than his ChuckIt (aside from food). Coops was never a fetching type of dog in the beginning. He used to run for the ball, but would never bring it back and leave me hanging. One day, he actually brought back the ball/stick that I threw, and that was the day Cooper discovered his love for fetch. He’ll ignore the world when it comes to playing fetch with his ChuckIt now.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.40.38 AM
Photo: @littlecooperbear

5. Trap/Rap Music

In order to combat separation anxiety for long period of time when the humans are out, Cooper gets soothed and calm from a 4-5 hour trap playlist. He’s also very responsive to rap music; the lyrics speak to him.

6. Snow!

Out of all types of weather, snow has to be Cooper’s favorite thing to hop and roll around in. Having a double coat keeps him warm and insulated, which also means he can be out in the snow for a long period of time.

Little Cooper Bear l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: @littlecooperbear

7. Car Crate

To Cooper’s human, a crate in the car means safety and fur/dirt control. However, for Cooper, it means he’s going somewhere adventurous and fun. The minute the car door opens, he’ll hop into the crate and settle himself down for the next big adventure.

8. Harness

Believe it or not, the only time that Cooper wears a harness is when we go hiking. So he has somehow associate his Ruffwear harness with going hiking. When the harness is put on, he’s ready to go and there’s not a minute to lose.

Little Cooper Bear l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: @littlecooperbear

9. Fresh Laundry

Cooper loves to lay on fresh clean laundry, which completely defeats the purpose of clean clothes.

10. Saving the best for last: NomNomNow

Breakfast and dinner are the two time of day that Cooper always look forward to. Out of all the 10 things listed, there’s nothing he loves more than food and he’ll do absolutely anything for it (which makes training a lot easier). NomNomNow makes him happiest and healthiest with the freshest ingredients.

Little Cooper Bear l NomNomNow Blog
Photo: @littlecooperbear

Make sure to follow Cooper on Instagram at @littlecooperbear for constant laughs, style, and healthy living. Get his fresh diet from NomNomNow right here

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