Contra Costa Humane Society

This week, we’re featuring a special shelter partner: Contra Costa Humane Society!

Their mission is to improve the quality of life for animals, decrease euthanasia rates, and educate the public to foster compassion, responsibility, and respect for animals. Contra Costa Humane Society is a private, non-profit organization that relies on donations from the community to support their programs, and is working towards a society where all animals are cared for and respected in their forever homes. Something we’re certainly in support of!

We’re excited to highlight the work they do, from their incredible foster, spay/neuter, and adoption programs, to their Kitty Corner (an on-site, free-roam cat shelter for adult, senior & special needs adoptable cats), to their AniMeals food bank for financially challenged families to be able to keep their pets in their homes.

Today, we’ll be sharing some of their currently adoptable dogs, and encourage everyone to support them however you can! Whether you choose to adopt, share this post with friends who may, or even choose to donate or volunteer with them, every little ounce of support counts!

Contra Costa Human Society: Adoptable dogs

1. Sirius Black

Contra Costa Humane Society: Sirius Black l NomNomNow Blog

Sirius Black has all the charm of a true Harry Potter magician, with none of the tricks up his sleeve! This handsome purebred Doberman Pinscher has lived a wonderful 7 years with his family, but due to some changes within the home, they’re no longer able to keep this charming fellow. Now he’s hoping you’ll swoop him up!

Sirius Black is 7 years old, is neutered and current on his vaccines. He’s playful and fun-loving, and always, always up for a walk or adventure! He’s never met a person he doesn’t love, is fully housebroken and has fantastic manners. He’s had limited exposure to children, but has been friendly with those he’s met. He’s happiest when he’s the only dog and is looking for a home where he can be your favorite 75lb. playful snugglebug!

Sirius Black is a listing through CCHS’s Re-Homing Assistance Program and has not been met or evaluated by CCHS. If you are interested in meeting Sirius Black, please complete an adoption application and we’ll gladly put you in touch with his guardian.

Location: Re-Homing Assistance Program

Apply to meet and adopt Sirius Black here.

2. Chance

Terrier, American Staffordshire/Dalmatian
Sex : Male
Age : 2Y / 4M / 1W
Weight : 45.00 lbs
Location: Foster Home

Contra Costa Humane Society: Chance l NomNomNow Blog

Handsome boy Chance is looking for a forever companion willing to give him just that, a chance. He won’t take it for granted, either, and will quickly show his person that he can be their very best friend, faithful companion and snuggle-buddy to the max. Chance was adopted from a public shelter in early 2017 where he was at risk of euthanasia due to overpopulation. He’d been there for 5 months and wanted nothing more than someone to take him home as he’d become quite stressed in the shelter environment. He felt so much better after settling into a home; his once-sparse coat grew back in, he learned some new tricks (including sit, shake and down), found out how awesome it is to be a couch potato, and fell in love with his Moo (see photo).

Chance is estimated to be 2 years old and is neutered and current on his vaccines. His new mom DNA tested him and found out this handsome guy is an American Staffordshire Terrier/Dalmation/Corgi mix. He’s an active, playful boy who enjoys his toys and going for runs, so would do great in a home looking for a dog with whom to share their active lifestyle (mixed of course with lots of snuggle time on the sofa!). He’d love someone who can continue to teach him his tricks and commands and can help him learn about the great big world with adventures, training, patience and love. He completed a basic manners course with flying colors. Chance would thrive in an adult household (he still gets really excited when he meets people and may incidentally knock over a little one), and he’d be happiest as an only dog or with a similar-sized dog who matches his energy and play style. While his adoptive mom loves him so, her resident dog is not a fan of Chase’s presence and so she’s hoping to find him a forever home where he can thrive as he deserves. If you’re looking for a consummate buddy, look no further!

Chance is available for adoption through CCHS’s Re-Homing Assistance Program and has not been met or evaluated by CCHS. If you are interested in meeting Chance, please complete an adoption application, which we will forward to his owner for review and contact.

Apply to meet and adopt Chance here.

3. Rollie

Sex : Female
Age : 3Y / 4M / 2W
Location: Foster Home

Contra Costa Humane Society: Rollie l NomNomNow Blog

Rollie is the cutest, wiggliest, happiest little 8lb. Chihuahua there is, and to say that her disposition is anything short of a miracle given her tough upbringing is an understatement! Rollie came to a public shelter after being brought in from a hoarding case. She clearly was loved by her person, but it’s difficult for any animal to receive proper care when they’re only one of dozens. She was fearful and shut down at the shelter, hiding in the back of the dog run and too afraid to make eye contact. But once she found herself in a great foster home, the wiggles came out full force! She is definitely one thing for sure: an absolute lovebucket!

Not long after arriving at her foster home, her foster mom arrived home from work to find that little Rollie had managed to escape her dog run outdoors, where she was allowed to relax with her two resident dogs and bask in the sunshine for the day. Two days later, Rollie was brought to an emergency clinic by a concerned citizen after being found wandering, and the poor baby had been hit by a car (seriously, talk about a tough go of things!). But did that slow down her shiny disposition and wagging tail? Nope! Not one bit.

Rollie has had to have cage rest since being found in order to best help her pelvis heal (surgery was explored but not recommended by surgeons), but as nothing has been easy in this girl’s life, neither was healing – her pelvis did not realign and no bone growth was evident in post-healing x-rays. Amazingly though, her muscles and tendons have kept everything in place and this girl walks, plays and hops around as though nothing happened whatsoever. She is seriously a miracle girl!

Rollie is estimated to be 3 years of age and is current on her vaccines and microchipped. She will be spayed one any potential healing time is finished. She’s absolutely fantastic with other dogs and loves people. She’ll need an adult household where someone understands that long runs on the beach probably aren’t in this girl’s future, but walks and snuggling most certainly are! Because she was in a hoarding home, potty training had apparently never been taught, so she’ll need someone who’s home and can continue to work with her potty training. But if you have a soft spot for helping dogs who’ve been dealt a rough hand in life (hoarding, hit by a car and an all-black coat (the most commonly euthanized in shelters and least commonly adopted)), then we’ve got your girl for you! The hard times put the shine into the diamond, and a diamond this girl is.

Location: Foster Home

Apply to meet and adopt Rollie here.

4. Yogi

Terrier, Pit Bull
Sex : Male
Age : 7Y / 3M
Weight : 70.00 lbs
Location: Foster Home

Contra Costa Humane Society: Yogi l NomNomNow Blog

If you’ve been on the hunt for a great companion, Yogi is it. An affectionate, outgoing, super-social cow-patch snugglebug is a dog that we pulled from a public shelter in 2013. From the get-go, Yogi loved everyone he met no matter age, size or gender. He also loves every dog and person that he meets – in fact, you take him to a dog park and his favorite part is walking around and greeting every person there! He also lives beautifully with three resident cats. He’s a phenomenal dog and it quickly became apparent that his foster mom felt the same. She adopted him and ever since, Yogi has been a foster ambassador to every new dog and cat who’s come into the home. He helps to show them the ropes and is always a gentleman.

Yogi loves to go for car rides and hikes and walks. He’s an active boy who thrives on companionship and would do great with a family. He’s also a “guy’s guy” and seems to really bond with men. He’d love a person or persons who enjoys outdoor activities and where he can be an active part of your life. At 6 years of age and weighing about 70lbs., Yogi is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccines. His foster-mom fell in love with him after fostering him and adopted him in 2013, but is looking to find this sweet boy a more active home where he can get the enrichment and activity she feels he deserves. If you’re looking for a great dog to add to your life, consider this cow-patch cutie!

Location: Re-Homing Assistance Program

Learn more about Yogi and apply to meet and adopt him here.

5. Catelyn

Sex : Female
Age : 3Y / 2M / 1W
Location: Foster Home

Contra Costa Humane Society: Catelyn l NomNomNow Blog

This wonderful mama and her two newborn pups were brought into a public shelter as over-the-counter strays, and into a wonderful CCHS foster home they went! Mama Catelyn nursed her two babies to be chunky, healthy and happy, and now that they’re lined up with a forever home, it’s Catelyn’s turn to find a happy-ever-after! She is a wonderfully sweet 6lb. girl who loves everyone she meets, has been great with her foster mom’s resident dog and is just a patient, gentle soul. She loves to snuggle and is a super easy girl.

Catelyn is estimated to be 3 years of age and is current on her vaccines. She’s scheduled to be spayed at the end of May and is currently available to a foster-to-adopt home until such time as she’s spayed and can be officially adopted. Catelynn is such a doll that she even recently took on a third puppy who’d been brought in to the public shelter without a mama. At just 3 weeks of age, he still needed to nurse, so guess what amazing dog took him on like he was one of her own? If you’re looking for an amazing soul, you can’t get one that shines brighter than Catelyn!

Location: Foster Home

Learn more, and apply to meet and adopt Catelyn here.

View all dogs currently available for adoption.

Resources for Adopters from NomNomNow

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