6 Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, a holiday that celebrates canine companionship and adoption awareness. Here at NomNomNow, we believe in a dog-friendly workplace, but sadly only 7% of employers permit pets at work (1) despite the bounty of evidence that suggests employees are happier, healthier, and more productive with four-legged friends by their sides. 

6 Benefits of dogs in the workplace l NomNomNow Blog

Want to convince your employer to change their pet pawlicy? Or simply justify why your dog is always occupying the desk chair next to you? Share these six benefits of dogs in the workplace with your team: 

  1. Healthier employees.

    Sitting at a desk all day increases your risk of obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cardiovascular disease, and cancer (2). Dogs in the workplace get sedentary employees up and moving with frequent walks and potty breaks. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, dog owners have a lower risk of heart disease than non-dog owners because they engage in significantly more physical activity (3).  Imagine the health benefits of extra walks during your 9-5!

  2. Less stress.

    It’s scientifically proven that wet noses and wagging tails provide a bit of humor, a boost of morale, and a lot of stress relief in the workplace. One study from Virginia Commonwealth University found that employees who bring their dogs to work have lower levels of stress hormones than their coworkers who leave their pets at home (4).

  3. More coworker interaction.

    True story: My husband and I didn’t meet our neighbors until we got a dog. Once we got our pup, neighbors approached us daily to say hello and give our dog a pat. Dogs have a way of sparking human interaction and conversation, and we often get to know people through our pets. The same idea applies to the office setting. Pets at work can help create interactions between colleagues that wouldn’t normally take place.

  4. Increased productivity.

    Naysayers think dogs create too many distractions in the workplace, decreasing productivity. But the opposite is actually true! Employers that allow dogs at work report reduced employee absenteeism, and a more productive work environment (5). Plus, no more rushing out at 4:59 PM to let the dog out!

  5. High job satisfaction.

    According to the same study by Virginia Commonwealth University, dog owners who can bring their pups to work report that they feel their employer cares about their personal and professional development (6). Companies that allow dogs tend to have a comfortable, open, flexible environment, and a strong sense of community, leading to happier, highly satisfied employees.

  6. Recruiting advantage.

    Would you rather work for an employer that will let you bring your dog to work, or one that won’t? It’s a no-brainer for any dog lover! Top talent will pick the employer that can provide the best perks, and for many people, that includes the option to bring their best furry friend to the office.

We always talk about how to improve our dogs’ quality of life, but where would we be without acknowledging how they improve ours? When we think of the many ways our dogs keep us healthy and happy, it’s a no-brainer that we return the favor. The easiest way to do so? Learn more at NomNomNow.com.

Benefits dogs in the workplace, dog benefits l NomNomNow Blog

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Author: Sarah_Heckle

I’m a Kentucky-based writer with a lifelong love of animals. My husband and I have three kids: a two-year-old boy, a two-year-old border collie and a six-year-old cat. Needless to say, things can get a bit hectic at our house, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Besides taking care of my crew, I love cooking, running, arranging flowers and traveling. You can also find me on Instagram, where I (not surprisingly) post a lot of photos of my kid, pets, flowers and food.

2 thoughts

  1. How could having a loving bundle of joy not benefit on your job?

    It is so awesome when some companies promote pet-friendly workspace because it has been proven over and over again that being less restrictive with your workers will bring better results. And whats better than letting the pets in 🙂

    I loved your list it was a pleasure reading this post 🙂


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