Benefits of NomNomNow

Fresh food means better health.

Feeding your dog fresh, gently cooked food can improve health and wellness. Because the food is fresh, your dog’s body will be able to use more of what they eat- putting the healthy nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbs to good use.
More Readily Available Energy.
Dogs consuming fresh ingredients have more readily available energy from food. This is because fresh diets are more digestible, and therefore more of the food is absorbed for energy. Think of how good you feel when you eat healthy– the same goes for your dog!
Immune System Maintenance.
Our fresh dog food is rich in good vitamins like A and C as well as zinc. According to Dr. Shmalberg, these all can help a dog’s immune system stay strong and healthy. That means fewer trips to the vet (think of all the treats you can buy with the vet bills you’ll save…).
Shiny coat. Healthy skin. Bright eyes.
NomNomNow’s fresh dog food is rich in vitamins, minerals ,and nutrients known to promote a healthy coat and skin (zinc, B vitamins, and fatty acids), as well as healthy eyes (vitamin A). Many of our customers report these benefits within one month of eating NomNomNow.
Less Waste.
NomNomNow does not add fiber beyond that which is helpful for health, like many other dog food manufacturers. Every ingredient in our fresh dog food is intended to contribute essential nutrients that your dog needs. This means less waste, and fewer poop bags!
Peace of mind in knowing you’re feeding your dog right.
Never worry about artificial preservatives, chemicals, or unknown ingredients with super-long names being found in your dog food (some of those other dog food labels are horrifying, we know). All ingredients are listed on our website at all times, and you can find descriptions of every ingredient and why we included them right here on the blog. Complete transparency, real ingredients, always.